Wrought Iron Gates

Hand Made Metal Gates in a Variety of Designs

We are manufacturers of high-quality electrical and manual wrought iron gates, including driveway gates, slide-in gates, bi-fold gates, fold-back gates, pedestrian gates, side gates, security gates, school gates and alley way gates.

Our wrought iron gates are all handcrafted and made to measure. We have a wide range of designs for you to choose from, or alternatively, you can supply a design of your own, and we will manufacture bespoke gates to your specifications.

Wrought Iron Gate Installation

We can supply and install all types of gates to suit all purposes, ranging from products with an emphasis on security to ornamental garden gates. All of our gates are made to measure, so we can supply the correct solution to fit any size of opening.

Metal Driveway Gates

We manufacture and install wrought iron driveway gates to suit an any size of opening and terrain. We manufacture several types of driveway gates, and your choice is often dictated by the circumstances and location of the installation.

Two Leaf Driveway Gates

These are the most common gates, and are recommended if there is sufficient room for the gates to open fully, and the location is relatively flat. The gates can be fixed directly to existing brick piers, if strong enough or hinged from metal posts, which can be concreted into the ground or bolted to piers. These gates can be manual or electric, and we can tailor bespoke locking systems for you.

Bi-Fold Driveway Gates

These are recommended in situations where there is insufficient room for the gates to open or there is a steep incline, which does not allow the gates to open at their full width. Each gate leaf is split in two and hinged, so there are effectively four gates that 'concertina' to allow opening.

Sliding Driveway Gates

If there is limited room between the cars on the driveway to the gate opening, or the terrain interferes with the normal gate opening functionality of traditional leaf gates, then we would offer a sliding gate solution. Sliding gates can be manual, or motorized (electric), and can include intercom systems, key-fob locking, etc.

Wrought Iron Ornamental Gates

All of our metal garden gates are handcrafted and made to measure, so will fit any size of opening. There are multiple design patterns, which when combined with different types of railheads and scrolls, give an almost unlimited range of choice to create a truly unique gate. We can also supply railings, which can be patterned to match the style of your gates, giving your project a uniform and professional look.

example railheads

All of our gates come powder coated in black as standard. At the point you choose your design, if required, you can specify a different colour, and you can choose to have the gates galvanized for an additional fee.

Product Gallery: Gates

You can see the quality of our gates in the Essex Wrought Iron gallery below.

Pattern Mark 70 - Manual Gate

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The first step to getting the gates you desire is getting in touch with our team to share your ideas.

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